Electroformed Gold Mesh

for Light, Air, Sound, & Matter Filtration

Our Electroformed Standard and Micro Gold Mesh is certified 99.9% pure. Pure soft gold is the most malleable and ductile metal, and is used as a conductor of heat and electricity. Gold resists corrosion, and is often used to coat other metals to protect them from oxidation, or to offer reflectivity. As a result of these and other properties, there are many uses for Electroformed Gold Mesh.

Whether you are looking for a pure gold mesh, a custom part, or one that is nickel or copper with a coating of gold, we will work with you to manufacture the best product for your application.

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Benefits of Precision Electroformed Mesh vs. Fabricated or Etched Mesh

  • Consistent and Accurate – Our additive manufacturing process provides repeatable aperture dimensions for the most accurate filtration capability. Complex designs can be reproduced with near exactness.
  • Reliable – Manufactured by the hands of skilled professionals at our facility in the USA. Each product undergoes microscopic inspection for quality assurance.
  • Precise – Holes (apertures) are burr and stress free, have sharp edge definition, and smooth walls.
  • Customizable – Greater number of hole (aperture) shape options provide the most efficient filtration for your application. Choose from square, round, slotted, hexagonal, or custom. Mesh thickness (or thinness) can also be customized to your specifications.
  • Tight Tolerances – Especially at low micron sizes. Ideal for filtering light and sound, or for conductivity.
  • High Transmission Rates – Up to 98%: The mesh open area allows for light transmission percentages that are unachievable with other production methods.

Precision Eforming’s Electroformed Copper Mesh is used in an ever expanding number of applications where precise control and versatility are critical. We provide industries with operational improvements, cost savings, customizable solutions, and competitive advantages. Don’t mesh around, give us a chance to earn your business.

Precision Eforming's Standard Electroformed Gold Mesh Specifications
Lines per Inch 5 up to 2000
Transmission 1% up to 95%
Thickness 3 to 20 microns
Sheet Size As large as 12 inches square
Openings Standard shapes are square, round and rectangular. Others available upon special request.
Purity 99.9% Pure Gold
Electroformed Mesh Properties
Nickel Copper Gold
Hard Metal Soft Metal Soft Metal
Malleable High Malleability High Malleability
Ductile High Ductility High Ductility
Ferromagnetic Diamagnetic Diamagnetic
Corrosion Resistant Heat Conductor Reflector
Electrical Conductor Heat Conductor
Biostatic Electrical Conductor
Chemically unaffected by air, moisture, and corrosive reagents

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