Electro-Bonded Mesh

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Copper or Stainless Steel Circular Frames Bonded to Our Electroformed Nickel, Copper, or Gold Mesh

Solutions for Separation and Filtration of Light, Sound and Gas Without the Use of Adhesives, Epoxies or Welds

Copper or Stainless Steel Frames Range in Size from 0.838” Outer/0.640” Inner Diameter to 6.743” Outer/6.007” Inner Diameter (see diagram).

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Customers often ask how to attach or adhere our metal mesh to a metal frame without using glue, epoxy, welds, solder paste or other adhesives that will compromise their end product. We have the solution.

Our Method
Like additive manufacturing, electroforming is an additive process by growing layers of metal on to a base form, and then removing it, to create a durable precision mesh.

Our proprietary process, a form of electroplating, allows us to bond our manufactured nickel, black nickel coated, gold and copper meshes to these circular copper or stainless steel frames without the use of adhesives, epoxies or welds of any kind. This eliminates cross-contamination issues and material compatibility concerns. All without sacrificing rigidity, durability, or ease of use and maintenance.

The finished product can be flash coated with gold, copper, nickel or black nickel, to provide you with the metallic properties and uniformity needed for your process.

Benefits of Electro-Bonded Mesh

  • Circular frames offered in your choice of copper or stainless steel in a range of sizes.
  • Bonded process introduces no epoxies, adhesives or foreign materials.
  • Mesh is produced with transmission up to 98%, and thicknesses from 3 to 20 microns (metal dependent), with a tightly stretched screen.
  • Lines per inch from 5 to 2000.
  • Can be flashed with gold, copper, nickel or black nickel.

Our electro-bonded mesh products are used globally in numerous applications, including:

  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Sensors
  • Detectors
  • Security
  • Acoustics
  • Imaging
  • Defense
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Aeronautics/Space Sciences

Need a different, custom solution? Contact us for more information on electro-bonding your custom frame to our metal mesh.