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A global filtration and separation solution provider.

We are the manufacturer of precision electroformed mesh and micro sieves, as well as a distributor for world class particle size analysis equipment. Whether your application includes separation of light, sound, air or powdered material we are here to help you define your solution.

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Precision Metal Materials

Precision Eforming is a world class manufacturer of exceptionally high quality, precision electroformed metal materials. Our material is the standard in many separation and filtration applications throughout key industries such as Superabrasives, Solder Sphere, Medical Materials, Electronic Circuitry, Sonics, UV Filters, Pharmaceuticals and Fuels.

Precision Eforming has customers in more than 40 countries that cover more than 60 unique industries. Our products are used in an ever expanding number of applications where precise control, versatility and filtration are critical. The manufacturing flexibility and design experience that we possess allows us to not only meet but exceed customer requirements.

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